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Saturday, December 1, 2012

  "You spelled awesome wrong. "Yes, I am aware. I think it is spelled right though. The students I teach that have Autism are Au-some! I love them. I have such a passion for teaching students with special needs!  I love my job. I can't say that enough. I love helping my students grow and learn. I love to see all of their progress they have made over the year. 
I should probably back up and introduce myself. I'm Sarah, an intervention specialist in the great state of Ohio! (Go Buckeyes!) I love things that sparkle, teaching, dr. pepper, and laughter, although not in that exact order. I also have a love of Velcro, but you will hear about that a little later. This is my 3rd year teaching. The first two years I spent teaching second grade through seventh grade students with multiple disabilities. In my first two years I learned a great deal, like many beginning teachers do, I am sure. I've carried all that I have learned over to my new position as a teacher for students with Autism. I didn't choose to be a special educator; the profession chose me (I think). Everyday I thank God for leading it to me, or me to it. :) Whatever the case was. I think special educators and educators in general have the best sense of humor. Hey, maybe it is just me though. ;) 
I have a bachelor’s in Early childhood education from Ohio University and am almost done with my master’s degree in special education from Muskingum University. 
So what is the point of the blog may you ask? Well you may ask, but I don't have to answer! ha ha! 
I'm using this blog as a resource to promote the lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, etc., which I love and have found helpful in my work with special needs students. I view this as a blog to help out others that have found themselves close to a child with Autism. So if you are a parent, friend, educator, advocate, etc, I hope you find something useful to use with the kiddo in your life. 

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Learning & Laughter, 

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