Happy Three Day Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Whew! I made it through the crazy week. And as a wonderful treat to myself I get a three-day weekend! Thank you! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. No, seriously, though, thank you! 

My students did awesome this week learning about MLK Jr. Day. It was kind of a tough concept for them to grasp, but I think we may have finally got through to them. We started off with looking at two eggs: a brown one, and a white one. All of my students thought that they would be different on the inside. But to their surprise, they were the same! We read a few books and listened to a few songs. I'm hopeful that they understand what it is now though. 

So this week I went a little crazy. My students are having a hard time with identifying and counting money. I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I started my own packet. I only have 1 page done so far, but it is my freebie for this week. Let me know if you like it or used it by leaving a comment. 
Here's the Link: 

Happy Three-Day Weekend! 

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