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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some weeks just never seem to end. They drag on and on and on and on and on.
Well you get the idea. This week was one of those weeks.
I had an IEP to write, behaviors to deal with and new ideas to think of for a few situations going on in my classroom. I also dealt with some sicknesses and we got some snow. The 2 hr delay we got on Thursday was much needed and the early dismissal we got on Friday was nice too. Ha! I just realized we didn’t even have school on Monday! I guess when you try to do too much with not enough time it can be slightly frustrating.

Any who!  I wanted to share with you guys a few things.

1st off I am very excited for the new clip art I put in my TPT store. The wonderful Paraprofessional, Mrs. V, in my classroom has a daughter who is extremely talented! Her work is amazing! She is a busy girl with a part time job, going to art school full time, and now is starting to make clip art for educators to use. I am helping her out by promoting her work. The money she makes selling the clip art will go directly to her. She calls her work Smart by Nikki. 

I thought it was very cute and clever, myself!

Click on the link Here to see some of her work.


I love freebies. I have seen the traffic on my blog pick up so much with all of the freebies I am making available for downloads. I’m up to 700-some views. It’s awesome. With views brings followers and with followers I get to meet cool new People. =) 

So with out much further ado, here is another one. Click on the link to see it and download it. IF you don't have a TPT account, well you should. ;) But here is the google doc for it.

*In Learning & Laughter, 


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