Au-some Things, New Stuff, & Freebie(S)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, how I love Fridays. I'm so glad for the weekend. This seemed like a whirlwind week. We worked on a lot this week.

Before I get to the good stuff (FREEBIE(S))
 {Yes, there is an S}
Here is a bit about what is going on in my classroom.
Au-some Things!
1.   One of my kiddos finally learned how to tie his shoes! He was so proud, he asked me to go get his brother so he could show his brother! We were all so proud.

2. I have not one, but two student-teacher placements in my classroom. They are my classroom parapros. They tried to get away from me to do their classroom log hours but I said “no!” Ha-ha not really! I believe they are both happy to be in the classroom working. One of them is working on her early childhood license (trying to get her to cross over to the dark side (aka Special Ed.) & the other is going for special ed. They both are doing wonderful!

We are learning about living things. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learned about what it means to “respond to the environment”. We also made our very own caterpillars.
Another one of their lessons was making melted snowmen rice Krispies treats. They were very yummy. 
They are both doing wonderful jobs. I am delighted to have them in the room doing their field hours.

This is the beginning. We made our Rice Krispie Treat into a circle and put frosting on it to show he melted!

This is our finished product. We used candy corn, pretzels, raisins and nuts. They thought it was yummy.

New Stuff: We are still going through changes at work. I think it may be for the good though. So I am optimistically excited for that. Only time will tell how it will affect the program.

I’ve added a few new TPT resources that I am very excited about. Check them out below. 

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Here IS my Valentine's Gift to you! a Wonderful Freebie. =) Enjoy!  

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