Caterpillars & Butterflies. Oh! My!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I love spring! It’s a fact. Every year I take my student’s to the Zoo. We are lucky enough to be with in a 45-minute trip to the wonderful Columbus Zoo. They have school rates so it is a way for my students to be able to enjoy the zoo and see all sorts of exotic animals when they normally would not get that chance.
It is usually the big capper to my animals unit. They have loved it.

This year, due to budget restrictions, we weren’t allowed to rent a school bus to take us. I was quite bummed.
After racking my brain for a while I decided that I could still do it, and instead of taking them to the zoo, I would bring a little bit of the zoo to them. Well, the insect part, at least. If you know me, you know I am NOT a fan of creepy crawlies, anything icky sticky, or wonderfully weird, UNLESS it is kept far away in a cage, or some other sort of contraption, which lets it not get to me. Especially Birds. I dislike them. I refuse to go into the open bird sanctuary at the Zoo. I’m terrified. For Real. But enough about that
So I stopped by the Franklin Park Conservatory and purchased two caterpillars. You can buy them online too. They are just cheaper to find them at a local conservatory. (Don’t have to pay for shipping)
So any who, I bought two. I figured that way we would have a 50/50 chance of at least one of the making in to be a butterfly.
I have pictures to share of Course!

(Side Note: Don't judge me and my messy desk. I said I like being organized, not that I am actually organized!)

I’m happy to say they are still both alive a week later. They are there little caterpillar selves. One of them even survived being thrown. (Yes. He was thrown. Not by me. By a student. We occasionally have behaviors, and well if you are going to have students complete a caterpillar observation journal when they HATE fine motor work, well, you may have a few behaviors now and then.) We try not to harm them. We’ve learned how to handle the vials that they come in, so here’s hoping that on Monday they have changed into a chrysalis. Fingers Crossed. =

Here is a link to my TPT Packet on Butterflies.
Look at it! It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

But here is a sample for free. This is recommended by Occupational Therapists for students who need help with letter writing. I hope you check it out!

Have a Happy Spring Weekend! 

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  1. Hi, sounds like a wonderful end to a unit (except for the throwing part). Thanks for the freebie, I LOVE those. I hope you get some butterflies!

    I am your newest follower. I tried to follow you by email but it says it is not enabled. I'd love to add you, as I will definitely read it if it shows up on my phone (I read all the blogs on my ferry ride to work and home) rather than on my google circles or whatever it is. Good luck, I hope your weather improves!


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