Five For Friday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Five for Friday Baby.

I'll be honest. In the summer, days seem to run together. I only knew it was Friday because it is pay day. haha.
I was telling the boyfriend yesterday I wasn't sure what day it was. His response, Thanks for rubbing it in. =)
Poor man. He has been super stressed between a few different things. He's managing it well though. I think more than I, he needs a vacation. Thank God it is coming. July 6th we are leaving. Headed to North Carolina for a week, and then Delaware the following week.
That, my Bloggy Buddies will be me in another weekish. I think I have a little more hair than that though. :D Oh, PS. Old Navy has flip Flops on sale tomorrow for $1.00. I love a good sale. =) 

Now onto my 5ish. 

1. If you know me, You know that I dabble in baking, and can occasionally boil water, but I don't cook much. This week, I baked a cake, cooked glazed carrots and baked Chicken. The boyfriend says it was yummy. He is usually brutally honest, so I believe if it was bad I would have heard about it.

2. Last week I bought these beauties. I didn't take a picture. A lovely reader who, just happens to also have the best name ( ha, Sarah) =) asked why I didn't take a picture. Well, this week I finally got round to the picture. I bought them at the LakeShore Learning Store. 

3. I got my hair cut and colored. yay! I have gray. Don't even roll your eyes at me. Seriously I know how it sounds. I'm NOT even 30! I started getting gray when I was 20. Yes. You read that right. 20. It is sad. but I found a wonderful stylist who nicely covers it for me. I go a little blonder  with the highlights in the summer, but still have dark underneath. Now, my hair is doing something weird on the left side, so no judgements. ;P

4. Here is the cute Chevron Pillow I bought at Hobby Lobby. 5 bucks. What a Steal. =) 

5. My New Teacher Binder <3 

I made a few, but this by far is my favorite. Check it out at my store. 
I also made a binder spine for them too. 

5-ISH. Hey, I told you it was a 5 ish. I started working on this beauty last week, finally finished them this week. I think they are cute. The boyfriend says if they are taken to school, he will really like them. What a party pooper. ha. ha. I used mustache duct tape I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Oh, and last, but not least. 5-ish, ish. Apparently I was late to the party. Everyone else got the memo, and while I may have gotten it, I neglected to read it. Ha. So Google Reader is going to RIP with the likes of 8 track players, cassette tapes, and the old  school facebook format, so we now have BlogLovin' 

I'm still trying to figure out how bloglovin works. but apparently, I am supposed to put a link in this post and tell you to not forget to follow me there. So, Hey! Don't forget. =) 

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  1. HI! I LOVE those chevron pockets... I believe you posted you got them on Lakeshore. I couldn't find them on the website :( was it in their store? Hoping to purchase them!!


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