The Friday FIVE

Friday, February 22, 2013

I linked up with the 3am Teacher to Bring you my Friday Five.

The Friday Find: 

So I have something to admit. I am an addict. Yes. You read that right. I’m addicted. But what to may you ask? Clip Art! I love it. Who knew you could be addicted to clip art. I went out to Best Buy this past weekend and I bought a Bamboo Stylus. I came home and downloaded the free app. The tip on the stylus is much more accurate than my previous one. Now as most of you know, I cannot draw. So why am I trying to, May you ask? Ha, I don’t know. My drawings do look a bit better. I’m mainly been drawing backgrounds and frames. I’m not ready to share just yet though.

Lets see I guess I’m not too stressed. Scratch that. While we did have a snow or rather Ice day today because of Mother Nature, I do have a lot going on. I have a wedding to attend this weekend. & My wonderful Niece is turning 4. It’s such a FUN age.
Also next week we start Alternate Assessments for my kiddos. I am nervous giving it and am nervous for my kiddos. I want them to do well. We had a good year so far so all I can do it hope they remember what they’ve learned.

I found this on Pinterest. I found it kinda funny. It also reminds me that even though I’ve had no budget to work with, it could be worse.. I guess. Lol.

I’ve been working on a St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Game. It’s now yours. Party Time. I love St. Patty’s Day. Hopefully this will help you have fun with the day. Click on the link to take you to the download. 

So I have 2 features.

My first is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE < Glitter Meets Glue Designs. God knows I love Glitter and I couldn’t stop myself from buying her stuff. It’s Glitteriffic. Check her out HERE.

My Second is my Labor of Love. My Shapes Pack. My Kiddos have been struggling with Shapes and Directional words. So I made these activities for them. Check it out Below. 

Enjoy your weekend!
I’d like to say a BIG HAPPY Birthday for the 3am teacher. Go check out her Blog and LINK up.
In Learning  & Love, =

Appy Love (A Top 10 Countdown)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I was inspired by the wonderful Mrs. Wills  post about apps. So I thought I would share with you my Absolute Favorite Apps.
Under 10 dollars, because well let’s be honest. We ARE teachers.
If you are blessed enough to not have to pay out of your own pocket I would suggest Proloquo2Go. It’s very helpful for students in special ed. And it allows for major differentiation.  Down side It’s a whooping 200 bucks. I dunno about you but I have student loans. I don’t have 200 bucks lying around.

So enough about expensive apps. Here is the good stuff.
I like to call it “Miss K’s extremely cheap, but amazingly wonderful list of apps between free and ten dollars!” Give yourself a pat on the back if you read that without any breaths. That’s exactly how I meant for you to say it. ;
Without further ado

10. Candy Count  - Lets kiddos practice one to one correspondence, greater than/less than and number order. It’s Cute and my munchkins Love it.
9. Funimal Phonics With a name like that, it’s bound to be fun right? Well it is. It’s a fun way that uses animals and phonics for kids to learn. I get a kick out of it and I’m in my later part of my twenties. (I didn’t like typing that.)
8. K-12 Coins- I love this app. It’s a great way to practice coins, values, and adding coins in a fun interactive way.

7. Dial Safe Pro This app walks kiddos through how to dial 911, what to do when you see a stranger and practicing time to enter your home phone number. (a lot of my kiddos are still working on learning their own phone numbers so this app is perfect)

6. Shopping Cart LOVE THIS APP. It gives students a grocery list. They then have to go to the store and pick out what they need from the list. The kicker is they have to get everything under a certain amount of money. So they are using a budget and have to work within those constraints. It’s great for my higher-level thinkers.

Stay tuned for the rest of my list that will come some time later this week. 

= & Teaching, 

Facebook & Some App Love!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh, how I love days off. We were lucky enough to have a 4-day weekend and boy did I need it! We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day party at school. I even got a sweet surprise from my boyfriend. Such beautiful flowers. I love him.

Any who, I made a facebook a few weeks back but realized I neglected to share. I would love for you to follow me. Check me out on FB HERE.
  While I’m speaking about all the techno mumbo jumbo here is my favorite app of the week. Adding Apples This app lets kids use a calculator to pick out numbers. It then shows them how many apples there are to each number. The kids are supposed to add them and then with the help of the caterpillar they are supposed to pick the right answer. I kid you not, my 6 year old neice taught herself to add in a day with this app. She’s such a little dork, she’s been running around saying, “ask me! I know how to add!” 

Here is the link below to check it out.
Let me know what you think.
 In Laughter and Learning, 

Freebie Friday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Phew, made it through another week! I don't know about you, but we have a four-day weekend. Thank goodness for conference exchange days and Presidents Day. I definitely needed the break, I don't know about you! 

Well it's time for a wonderful Friday Freebie. I've been swamped at work, so I haven't been able to do much work. That benefits you though. 
Since I am running out of freebies I am giving one of my paid items out as a freebie. It's my way of saying thank you for following my blog. So enjoy! 

Here is the LINK. 
In Learning & Laughter, 

Freebie Valentine's Day Bingo Game

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hey all!

I just got done with a request from my sister. My sister is a Parent Mother in my Niece’s classroom and she needed a game for them to play on Valentine’s day. So guess who she called. Ha Ha! That’s right. Me. So I’m sharing the love! Head on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and you can download My Free Valentine's Day Bingo game and hopefully check out all of the other stuff I have been busy with! I’m going to have a 14 Percent off sale to celebrate Valentine’s day! So Check it out Y’all!

Show us what you bought!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

So if I had all the money in the world, I think I may have bought a LOT more than I did. But here goes, This is my list. Check out these wonderful people. 
I recently found Glitter meets Glue Designs. Her stuff is so adorable. 
Love it! & can't wait to use it. 

Again cute & glittery. Oh how I love shiny things. 

I got this one and the next one for my students. I had ones done, but in the move between classrooms I somehow lost them. I'm hoping my kiddos start to get them. Especially with the personal space one below. 

I love the school supply addict's, Ashley Hughes' graphics. They are adorable and well priced. 

My kiddos are having such a hard time with blends. This cute set was just what i needed. Hoping this makes them understand the concepts a little better. 

So now, it's your turn to show us what you bought.  
Head on over to Blog Hoppin to show us what YOU bought. 

In Learning & Love, 

Au-some Things, New Stuff, & Freebie(S)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, how I love Fridays. I'm so glad for the weekend. This seemed like a whirlwind week. We worked on a lot this week.

Before I get to the good stuff (FREEBIE(S))
 {Yes, there is an S}
Here is a bit about what is going on in my classroom.
Au-some Things!
1.   One of my kiddos finally learned how to tie his shoes! He was so proud, he asked me to go get his brother so he could show his brother! We were all so proud.

2. I have not one, but two student-teacher placements in my classroom. They are my classroom parapros. They tried to get away from me to do their classroom log hours but I said “no!” Ha-ha not really! I believe they are both happy to be in the classroom working. One of them is working on her early childhood license (trying to get her to cross over to the dark side (aka Special Ed.) & the other is going for special ed. They both are doing wonderful!

We are learning about living things. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learned about what it means to “respond to the environment”. We also made our very own caterpillars.
Another one of their lessons was making melted snowmen rice Krispies treats. They were very yummy. 
They are both doing wonderful jobs. I am delighted to have them in the room doing their field hours.

This is the beginning. We made our Rice Krispie Treat into a circle and put frosting on it to show he melted!

This is our finished product. We used candy corn, pretzels, raisins and nuts. They thought it was yummy.

New Stuff: We are still going through changes at work. I think it may be for the good though. So I am optimistically excited for that. Only time will tell how it will affect the program.

I’ve added a few new TPT resources that I am very excited about. Check them out below. 

Click HERE to check out my Pattern Pack! 

Visit HERE to download my IDIOMs Pack for FREE! 

Click HERE to check out My Place Value Family Pack.

Here IS my Valentine's Gift to you! a Wonderful Freebie. =) Enjoy!  

TPT Sale

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey all!

DOn't forget! It's the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale of the year.

  Okay, well maybe not the year, but at the very least the month! 

 SO check out my store and others and make some teacherepreneurs very happy! 
Happy Shopping! 

Currently February

Saturday, February 2, 2013

So I am Linking up with Farley to Bring you my Currently.

So here is my February Currently. 

1. Listening to the tv. Some History thing is on. My boyfriend is perfecting his multi-tasking skills by listening to the tv and researching remotes. His old one recently broke and he apparently has the BMW of remotes. So he is looking at all the new ones that have come out. Lord help me. ;) lol

2. Loving my iPad mini my lovely sister bought me for Christmas. I have to tell you I love it much better than the full size one I have access to through work. For one thing if you just "happen" to be working with the iPad in your hand above your head while laying down and also "happen" to lose your grip on it, the full size one hurts much more than the mini when it hits your face. Why, Yes, I'm CLumsy. There are many more fun features to mess with on it too. But I'll leave you with that tidbit. 

3. Thinking that work is stressing me out. I also need to finish up my packet before tomorrow's sale. and so much more. I'm also kind of thinking of the super bowl. My boyfriend and I first starting talking on the date of the super bowl last year. I would tell you the exact date, but I'm horrible with dates. 

4. Wanting a Bamboo Splash. I saw one earlier today. And I love (read am slightly jealous of) all the clip art people are making. I'm thinking oh, I could do that. But then I remember how bad I was in Art and then I think, well maybe not. So i'm on the fence, I think... 
I would also love a mini winter break. I know, I know. We've already had one. But This year has just been stressful and a bit dragging. I don't know. 

5. Needing 36 hours in a day or a vacation. Or maybe a 36 hour days vacation. I'm not sure. I'd love to have more time in a day. I have so much I want and need to get done, but just not the time. On the other hand,  a vacation might be a better idea. Any one wanna go to the beach???

6. Pet Peeves 
I don't know why, but uni-brows just get under my skin. God gave us 2 eyes and 2 brows, if they start to come together, do something about it. :/
Also I'm not a fan of rude people. I mean who is? What happened to kindness and compassion, loving one another and what not. Sometimes all some one needs is a smile not a rude comment. 
I also dislike people who feel entitled. The world owes you nothing. Your parents owe you nothing. God owes you nothing. Feel Privileged that you are alive, breathing, loving, and cared for. There are many people who are not. 

Okay enough about my pet peeves. I will get off of my soapbox. 

So there it is, My Currently for February. Enjoy! Then link up with Farley and write your own! =) 

In Learning & Love, 

It's A Snow Day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Yay! This is the first snow day our school has had all year. I was ready for it. I have to say it was unexpected though. IMO the roads have been worse and we still HAD school. But I'm not complaining! 

So since I am hooking up with the wonderful 3am teacher, Michelle,  here is my Friday Five! 

1. Freebie! 

Everyone loves a freebie! and I love giving them out. There are so many good resources out there and I love finding them, so this is my way to share a little love! 

I'm sharing my Math Counting Cubes. THey would be great for a range of kiddos! 

Check them out HERE on google docs. or 

2. Find 

I love this website. They give out daily codes for regularly priced apps that you can download for free! You can also see what other parents and teachers thought about the various apps. I have downloaded so many off of recommendations. 

3. Funny! 

I heard this on the radio! 

He is the cutest kid! 

Check it out! It's funny and Inspirational. 


There are some big changes happening at my job. Some that I am not sure are for the best. So I am starting to get my resume together in case I need to apply for a new job in the upcoming months. I am praying that I end up doing what God wants me to do. 

5. Feature! 

I'm being a bad girl and featuring my own stuff! Gasp! =

It's my first big TPT sale and I am proud of this money pack that I have put together. 

I have this 51 page pack filled with worksheets for adding pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. The pack goes through each coin in a systematic manner. 

You get worksheets for Adding pennies, Adding nickels, Adding dimes, Adding quarters, Adding pennies and nickels, pennies and dimes, pennies and quarters, and well you get the idea. 

8 money posters and a Money activity for your kiddos, which would be a great center! 
DOn't forget! If you want to Purchase this packet You can Purchase it on Sunday with up to 28% off with TPT's Sale! 

Check out my Store @HERE!!!

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