Five For Friday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Five for Friday Baby.

I'll be honest. In the summer, days seem to run together. I only knew it was Friday because it is pay day. haha.
I was telling the boyfriend yesterday I wasn't sure what day it was. His response, Thanks for rubbing it in. =)
Poor man. He has been super stressed between a few different things. He's managing it well though. I think more than I, he needs a vacation. Thank God it is coming. July 6th we are leaving. Headed to North Carolina for a week, and then Delaware the following week.
That, my Bloggy Buddies will be me in another weekish. I think I have a little more hair than that though. :D Oh, PS. Old Navy has flip Flops on sale tomorrow for $1.00. I love a good sale. =) 

Now onto my 5ish. 

1. If you know me, You know that I dabble in baking, and can occasionally boil water, but I don't cook much. This week, I baked a cake, cooked glazed carrots and baked Chicken. The boyfriend says it was yummy. He is usually brutally honest, so I believe if it was bad I would have heard about it.

2. Last week I bought these beauties. I didn't take a picture. A lovely reader who, just happens to also have the best name ( ha, Sarah) =) asked why I didn't take a picture. Well, this week I finally got round to the picture. I bought them at the LakeShore Learning Store. 

3. I got my hair cut and colored. yay! I have gray. Don't even roll your eyes at me. Seriously I know how it sounds. I'm NOT even 30! I started getting gray when I was 20. Yes. You read that right. 20. It is sad. but I found a wonderful stylist who nicely covers it for me. I go a little blonder  with the highlights in the summer, but still have dark underneath. Now, my hair is doing something weird on the left side, so no judgements. ;P

4. Here is the cute Chevron Pillow I bought at Hobby Lobby. 5 bucks. What a Steal. =) 

5. My New Teacher Binder <3 

I made a few, but this by far is my favorite. Check it out at my store. 
I also made a binder spine for them too. 

5-ISH. Hey, I told you it was a 5 ish. I started working on this beauty last week, finally finished them this week. I think they are cute. The boyfriend says if they are taken to school, he will really like them. What a party pooper. ha. ha. I used mustache duct tape I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Oh, and last, but not least. 5-ish, ish. Apparently I was late to the party. Everyone else got the memo, and while I may have gotten it, I neglected to read it. Ha. So Google Reader is going to RIP with the likes of 8 track players, cassette tapes, and the old  school facebook format, so we now have BlogLovin' 

I'm still trying to figure out how bloglovin works. but apparently, I am supposed to put a link in this post and tell you to not forget to follow me there. So, Hey! Don't forget. =) 

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Five for Friday!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs 5 for Friday!

I still have a few weeks until I get to hit the beach! I am ready. So ready. But while the beach is a good 2 weeks away I have been feeling unusually crafty. That’s not to say that I am actually any good at being crafty, I just like doing it. It’s probably all the NON-Educational Pinteresting I have been doing. Don’t get me wrong I love all the educational ideas that I find on pinterest, It is just sometimes nice to head on over to the crafty section to see what crafty people have been doing.
I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and Ollie’s earlier this week.
1. I scored this cute toy bin at Hobby Lobby. It was on clearance.  I thought it was adorable. 

2. I found some super cute washi tape at HL so I decorated my 3 hole punch. It now has polka dots. =) 

3. I also found mustache duct tape, so I tried to brighten up the Staples holders I bought for 2 bucks at Ollie's. They aren't finished yet, so no judging. ;) 

4. On Wednesday I was super excited & flattered. My TPT store had 15 sales in one day! I took a screen shot of my phone before all of them came through. They were all purchased by the same person. I was so flattered that they loved my stuff enough to buy it. 

5. & finally the boyfriend and I had a dinner date. We went to Carfagna's. A local family owned restaurant. It was yummy and delicious and any other good adjective you could use to describe it. Also most likely fattening. Hence, probably why it was so good. 

Then when we went to leave boyfriend suggested that it would be a good time to go to Lakeshore Learning, since we were practically next door to it. Best Idea Ever. I bought letter stamps, chevron library pockets, and a pre-writing kit that was originally 50 bucks that I got for 12! TWELVE dollars people! That is a steal! I needless to say was and still am excited. Makes me almost want to start school like now.
I DID say ALMOST though. I still need to get in my beach time. ;) 

Make sure you link up with Doodle! 

Monday Made it!

Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm linking up with 4th grade Frolics for Monday Made it. Here's the thing. I'm not sure if I made this on Monday. I did it over the weekend, BUT i finished it today, so I say that counts. =) 
This Monday Made it, you can make too! Just head on over to my TPT store and download the file for free! =) I'm too tired to post pictures of what my binder looks exactly like right now, but I will tomorrow so you can see the wonderfulness that is my teacher binder for this upcoming school year. 

I hope I get more creative the rest of this week, but that's all I got. ha! I know that is grammatically incorrect. but I like to say that! =) Have a HAPPY HAPPY Monday! 

Storage Bin Make Overs

Monday, June 10, 2013

This has been on my to-do list for what seems like forever but really only maybe since I found a similar idea on pinterest a few months ago.
So I have been busy making labels for things in my classroom so I can be organized next year. I am notorious for not being organized. Here’s the thing, I say you ARE organized if you know where things are & I do. It’s just usually not in the most organized way I guess. Haha. Any who, my goal for the fall is to be organized, so this is my first step.

I grabbed a “Akro Mills” Box with 22 drawers in it. They have ones with less drawers and some with more drawers. I picked this one because I wasn’t sure I wanted a whole bunch of little drawers.  I got mine here. 


I printed out the labels I made. I made 8 different kinds. My indecision is your advantage. =) The links below will take you to the ones I made. I used Glitter Dottie for this one. 

I like the ones I made because if you adjust the slides to print 4 per page you can come up with the exact size needed for the small boxes & the large one I think was 6 per page, but don’t quote me on that. ;)
Here is the finished product. After I printed them, I ran them through my laminator and then used Velcro dots on the front of them, so I can change them anytime I want
Here are a few pictures of the labels. All are from different bundles. 

Oh & I'm linking up with Monday Made it! Because I coincidentally made this on a Monday! haha! 

Hi My name is Sarah and I am a Procrastinator

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So to say that I have been slacking with my blog is an understatement. I've meant to give you all an update but the end of the school year had my brain scrambled. 

But School is now over. I said goodbye to my class last Thursday. It was heartbreaking. They are all sweethearts and I love them dearly.  Most of the time I get to see my students the following year, whether they are in my class still or not. Next year I won’t though because of budget constraints I won’t be back at that school.  The ESC I work for is sending me to another elementary.  I will no longer have an Autism only class. I will have a moderate to intensive disabilities class. It makes me sad to leave these kiddos, but I am looking forward to changing buildings and meeting new teachers and students. 

So lots of changes are coming my way. I will still have K-4th grade, I think, unless changes happen over the summer. Which you know how that goes. ;)

Any Who I have lots of things to do over the summer. I was asked with a colleague of mine to gather up our ideas and be presenters at a training to kick off the school year. I thought it was pretty exciting & am excited to present in August. Our Presentation is about Structured Teaching. The way we teach in our classrooms is going to be the way all the elementary ESC classes will look like. It’s pretty exciting.

I took a few pictures of things to show you that happened since the last time I blogged, which was a lot longer than I would like to admit. =) 

I know you are all on pins and needles trying to figure out how our butterflies turned out. Well Have no fear. Here are a few pictures for you! 
We released them a few days after they finished their transformations. We completed an observation journal everyday that we had the butterflies using my butterfly observation journal on my TPT store. My kiddos loved being able to go back through their books and see the transformation. You can find my TPT Butterfly book here. 

Beautiful Butterflies. After they made their transformation we found out one of our students was afraid of butterflies. He kept trying to find out where they were in the room and then would try his hardest to be the farthest away from them. He kept saying "butterflies bye bye." It was too cute. He was needless to say happy we let them go. 

 WE put them in the order of their life cycles using the plastic models I got from Donors Choose. I still can't believe my Project was funded! It's crazy. 

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