A Healthier Alternative for Easter/Spring Class Parties

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thanks for coming to check out my BRIGHT IDEA! I am so excited to share with you
my Bright Idea for your Easter or Spring Class Party. Often
parents send in sugary items, cakes, cookies, jellybeans, and more. My bright idea is 
to create a healthier fun option and an activity for your kiddos. 

I asked Parents to send in Pineapple, grapes, melon, watermelon,
kabob sticks, marshmallow peeps, plastic knives and mini plates. 

We used the plastic knives and cut up the fruit. Once all of the fruit
was cut up we used our kabob sticks to pierce our fruit. Once we
were done adding the fruit to the stick we topped it of with a Peep. 

Simple as that. It’s easy, fun, cute, and a HIT with the Kiddos.
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