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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Thanks for hopping on over to my blog.  By now I hope you have tons and tons of BRIGHT Ideas!  A big thanks to Shelley Gray for helping to organize all of this fun! I have 3 quick tips to share with you.
Tip 1:  The first tip is for classroom organization. When I need to find something quick, or have access to it quickly, I hook it too my magnetic curtain rod. You can get one at Wal-Mart or Target for less than 10 bucks. I found 100 book rings for 6 bucks on Amazon. Voila I have a poster hanger or a flip chart if I want to hang up a large note pad. Since it is magnetic, it is easily moveable. 

Tip 2:  I love, love, love reusing things. It helps the planet and my bank account. =) I ask parents to save me all sorts of containers. I use Pringle Containers to store paintbrushes, rulers, pencils, and more. The containers above are crystal light containers. I have some for my students to sort colors, shapes, letters, and more. I also use them for storing name sticks and picking out leaders for the week. I have even put jokes to read for students and they can work for a joke from our jar. So MANY possibilities. 

Tip 3:  I have a lot of kiddos who still have trouble with writing their names correctly. They need lots of visual help. For them, I have taken a font turned the color to white and added an effect of shadowing behind it. This illuminates a pathway for the students to follow. They get guiding lines for them to trace. You can print the pages out and have students work on their names to sign-in in the morning, or you can laminate them for durability. 

I hope you were able to get some inspiration or use some of my ideas. Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like continue to hop on through the BRIGHT ideas hop on over to Fabulously In First for some teacher tool box ideas!
Happy Teaching! 

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