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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Monday! Nice to See you again!
Last week half of the classes I supervise started back to school. Today, the rest start back!

I love back to school time. It's a chance for new starts, fall is coming, and so is football! ;) I also love the excitement in the air! Everyone is excited!

This is what I typically look like at the beginning of the week...

Yay! Whoo!

By the end of the week, it is quite the different story....

Luckily, my friend Katie, from Mrs. Decatur's Gators swapped names with me for our back to school survival kit! So right before the start of school, I was ready to go, with some fun stuff to get me through the week! 

Here's what she sent! 

We both share a love of POLKA DOTS! I was super excited to see the pretty polka dots at the top upon opening the box! 

Now, I love scotch, and tape, and this just puts is all together. Thee coolest little thing ever! and so handy! 

I can't even describe how great these are! I am in love with them! If you know me, you know I hate chalk... the only reason being the way that it makes your skin feel after using it! I have serious sensory issues with it! This does NOT give me that feeling! It actually makes me want to find chalk board surfaces to write all over! haha. 

Have you seen this stuff? It's amazing. Now I can use my chalk pencils with this tape and WRITE EVERYWHERE! haha. I got this for Katie's too! 

Every teacher needs a Big Ol' Bottle of this stuff! And if you're on the go for field trips and not, this handy one will do! Love it! 

I love to scrap book! It's my stress release! These pretty papers make me Happy! 

Seriously, Who doesn't love square paperclips?! 

Every Teacher MUST HAVE! Hello Pencils! 

The other writing must have! Sharpies! 

List pads = <3

Every teacher needs thank you cards to send in case of surprise gifts or flowers or rocks... haha. 

And this is the lovely note she sent with it! Love it! Thanks so much! 

Thanks Katie! I love my B2S survival kit!

It totally helped me survive the week!

Click below to see what everyone else got in their kits!

Comment below with what your B2S survival must have is!

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