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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Have you ever had a student who has struggle with adding and subtracting? Especially with two digit and three digit numbers? Well I've got a great way to share with you on how I teach adding and subtracting with two and three digit numbers, especially with borrowing and carrying over! oh, and best of all, it's FREE!

Here's what you need....   1/2 sheet of poster board, masking tape, index cards, Sharpie, Velcro, laminate, and a ruler.

First, take the poster board and use the ruler and masking tape to portion off 1,2,3 or more "block" spaces. You will want your spaces big enough for the index cards. Once masking tape is down pick a Sharpie color and color over the masking tape. You can color it all one color, or pick certain colors to correspond to ones, tens, hundred's etc. so students can keep them straight. 

Next, write numbers 0-9 on each index card and repeat. For two digit numbers, you need two sets, three digits and you need three sets. Add a plus sign and a minus sign to index cards too. Once you are done laminate the poster board and index cards. Add Velcro to the empty spots and one to the area out front of the bottom box. Use this area to affix the addition or subtraction sign. 

Here is the sample. Allowing students to physically move over numbers and replace them with others really helps them to understand the concepts of borrowing and carrying over. I've added counting sticks, bundles of tens in straw forms, whatever else to help students to really cement the concept. This has really helped students to finally "get it".

I'd love to hear what ways you work to teach adding or subtracting with borrowing or carrying over!

Happy Computing! ;)

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